Those bond markets and Irish debt

By | 8th September 2010

Paul Sommerville from Delta Index squares off against Government representative Eamon O Cuiv on RTE’s Primetime. Paul nails it and O Cuiv, well, doesn’t. In two parts.

8 thoughts on “Those bond markets and Irish debt

  1. Jonathan

    O Cuiv’s performance is a fine example of why our bond spreads are now at 6% and rising, isn’t it?

  2. Osmand Nosse

    I like the part where he invokes the gods at 3:40 – 3:52 in the first clip.
    “we’ll know the size of the hole then…. please god”.
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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  4. Seamus

    O Cuiv was a total disaster and Sommerville properly nailed him down. No longer will traditional FF rants from the likes of the minister wash with the public.

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  6. Maggie

    The premier representative of neo-republican Irish aristocracy said “if we analyse the depost base of Anglo Irish …” Yes, as an Irish peasant, I do believe that “we” would like to see contents of said deposit base – also the contents files relating to bondholders: who are so vital to our country that they are not allowed to face the consequences of their own betting losses. Yes-yes Mr O Cuiv, “we” do need this information!

  7. sean

    the Arabs have a saying”my grandfather rode a camel,my father drove a car,Iride in a private jet plane & my grandchildren will be riding donkeys
    As in Ireland my grandparents went to school bare footed & my grandkids will be too………(i am in my 40’s)

  8. tuam herald

    Paul Sommervilles frustration is palpable,he did well to contain his anger ,O Cuiv is a complete Moran.

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