Monthly Archives: May 2011

Mary O'Dea and the IMF

I couldn’t let this one pass without comment either. Mary ‘shop around’ O’Dea has landed a new job at the IMF, as the Irish Independent reported earlier this month. O’Dea, currently director general of financial operations at the Regulator, will become the IMF’s alternative executive director this July. “I’m really looking forward to what I… Read More »

A city as a platform

Rachel Sterne, who had the good fortune to meet in New York last year, speaking about her new role as New York’s Chief Digital Officer. She is formerly of GroundReport and DayLife. I know there are some very good people in Dublin who want to replicate some, if not all, of this. But how about… Read More »

Judge Kelly on Anglo and the ODCE

I couldn’t let this pass without putting it in full here (emphasis mine): JUDGMENT of Mr. Justice Kelly delivered on the 10th day of May, 2011 Introduction The collapse of Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited (Anglo) has had profound and serious consequences for the economic wellbeing of this State and its’ citizens. It has caused… Read More »

IDA leases 2007 to 2010

Part of an ongoing process. These are the leases between the IDA and third parties for the years 2007 to 2010. The areas marking in the “Private finance landlords” have been redacted under Section 28 (Personal information). The column marked ‘Rent being invoiced’ contains redactions due to Section 27 (Commercial sensitivities). I have appealed the… Read More »