New details relating to Terence Wheelock case

On April 12 2004 MALE A was arrested on Séan O’Casey Avenue. On September 2 of the same year he made a statement to the now defunct Garda Siochana Complaints Board about his arrest. In his complaint he made a number of very significant allegations against several gardaí. Most notably the details MALE A provided in … Continue reading “New details relating to Terence Wheelock case”

Work so far

Posts resulting from obtaining previously unreleased documents  ‘Ombudsman has serious concerns about Fahey statements‘ – leaked letter from Ombudsman to Oireachtas Agriculture Committee where the Ombudsman cast doubts on the accuracy of Fahey’s statements to the Committee. New information relating to Terence Wheelock case – the Wheelock family’s version of Garda Ombudsman’s report on Mr Wheelock’s death in … Continue reading “Work so far”

Shuffling some words around…

Here’s a slight re-ordering/re-wording of the bottom-of-the-page story that appears of page 4 (the In The Courts page) of this morning’s Irish Times… ‘Judge compares incident with Garda to infamous US beating’ A JUDGE has compared an incident between a Garda and a member of the public to the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles. … Continue reading “Shuffling some words around…”

OECD/Transparency International report – Ireland

The OECD/Transparency International Progress Report into international bribery passed the world by there yesterday. Pity, it’s broadly positive. On the Irish angle though, not so much. What’s new though, hey? On the international comparisons Ireland is ranked in the lowest category for its efforts to deter the payment of bribes in the export/import markets. We’re … Continue reading “OECD/Transparency International report – Ireland”

Deaths in Garda custody

Another person died in Garda custody yesterday. These stories are consistently let slide. Below is a list of known deaths in custody since 1997 compiled over a few hours. I don’t think it to be absolute, though I cannot find reports of others after quite some time searching. Most have source links though some were … Continue reading “Deaths in Garda custody”

Four One Nine

Forgive the scraggy style, I’ve something on my chest. Typing off the top of the head. Amnesty International Ireland have criticised the human rights record of the Irish State for for failing to protect children. Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has also weighed in against the HSE for refusing to supply files on children who died in care. A report … Continue reading “Four One Nine”

Digest – April 25 2010

Yadda yadda yadda… HOME Stephen Kinsella has an open letter to all leaving cert students, he’s dead right. I got a monumental 210 points in my leaving cert, I’m one of very few journalists under the age of 25 working full-time (alebit, that may say more about journalism than the importance of the leaving cert), … Continue reading “Digest – April 25 2010”