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The and our advocacy wing Right To Know could not exist without our donors.

The more donors we have, the more we can resource the organisation and the more we can campaign to protect and expand transparency legislation and find FOI-sourced stories.

If you want to support us, you can become a yearly subscriber for €25, €50, €100, €500, or €1,000 .

Donations go to Right To Know CLG (


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How we spend it:

As we believe all not-for-profits should, Right To Know publishes its expenditure. We believe our members have a right to know how their contributions are being handled.

You can view exactly where the money goes below.

This spreadsheet contains all current expenditure of Right To Know, updated on a regular basis.

12 thoughts on “Support Us”

  1. In the interest of transparency, why not publish the names and job titles of donators, as you are looking to publish our (public servants) names, job titles and expenses.

  2. I’ve donated because I think even that small amount will do more good than the huge amount of tax that’s taken out of my wages, and wasted by people who feel they are not accountable to anyone!

  3. Sick and bloody tired of the shoulder shrugging” twarnt me what done it Guvnor” attitude,keep up the good work of calling to heel those in Service and Govt who have long forgotten their masters voice,The Taxpayer,a role from which our mainstream media have shamefully abdicated any responsibility for a long time past.Donation sent.

  4. Congrats on the NAMA case, you really have broad shoulders and a prop forwards’ neck!

    I have donated €52.05 in the hope you get €50!!

    Keep it up.

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