HSE southeast assets registry 2010

This is the assets register for HSE southeast for 2010. I will be gradually publishing all assets registries for the HSE over the coming weeks. HSE South is the only exception, as they have been unable to export the data to a spreadsheet.

The data includes the building assets, land assets, vehicles assets, equipment, computer equipment, computer software of HSE Southeast.

Downloadable spreadsheet

Department of Environment fixed assets registry

In case you ever wondered, this is the fixed assets registry of the Department of the Environment. The total original cost of the assets was €71,974,935.65, which has been depreciated by €12,649,299.34 to €38,496,075.13.

The registry details all the fixed assets, including tables, chairs, computers, bogs, vehicles (not sure why they are there) and how much was paid per item.

Of note was the €29,766.00 and €14,915.79 spent on carpet for Minister Gormley’s corridor at Custom House Quay, though as an old building it probably would have required expensive carpet.

Full sheet for download