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Swords -v- OCEI: Was there ever any doubt over search and retrieval charges for AIE?

The recent appeal decision by the Commissioner for Environmental Information highlights that during the previous five years search and retrieval fees have been wrongly charged by public authorities for requests for access to environmental information. The decision also provides a good opportunity to summarise how the provisions of Directive 2003/4/EC relating to fees have been… Read More »

Micheal Martin's letter to Mario Draghi

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin wrote to ECB president Mario Draghi in January asking for debt relief on the Anglo promissory notes. In a letter released to from the ECB, Martin stressed the importance of Ireland obtaining a deal on the debt, stating: The people of Ireland fully understand the legal constraints faced by… Read More »

Some IFSC companies

Just in passing, here is a list of over 3,000 companies registered in Ireland with either “IFSC” or “International Financial Services Centre” in their address. It would not be a complete picture but it gives some insight into the variety of companies registered there. Thanks to for the data. Download

The case against David Drumm

Ever wonder where stories like this originate? Says Simon Carswell: From September 2008, as the Irish banking crisis deteriorated, Ms Drumm opened 15 accounts in eight banks in her sole name. Cash was transferred to the couple’s joint accounts or her own accounts, the trustee has claimed. Mr Drumm has yet to respond to a… Read More »