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The Digest – New format

I’ve no time these days to publish ‘The Digest’ at a set time and day so I’m changing the delivery format. Instead of appearing in the subscriber feed every Sunday there’ll be a constantly updated list of links on the right side of the website. Note; if you subscribe by email or through a feed… Read More »

Digest – October 18 2010

Alri’ boyez and gurrels… The new Monday Digest as promised. HOE’UM Gerard O’Neill on the economic impact of declining marraige rates. John Naughton; Twitterphobia and the mainstream media. Read this by the inspiring Mark Pollock; undressed and smiling again. Top journalist spun by continuous repeatition of government claim. Karl Whelan gets the nuance. Mark Davenport of… Read More »

Digest – October 11 2010

Think this has now become a Monday evening rather than Sunday night thing. HOME Guardian video package on RUC torture of Northern Irish citizens Alexia Golez reviews The Social Network Your senators’ information displayed. Come Here To Me! talks about Dublin early on a Sunday morning. Last time I got up early of a Sunday… Read More »

Digest – Oct 4 2010

I used to get this done on time all the time… got’damn. HOME Unkie Dave on The Notebook and aging. […] I have therefore always believed that, baring accident or mishap, I would live to a similar age as my grandparents. But I have never given that much thought to the quality of that life,… Read More »

Digest – Sept 28 2010

I had this scheduled to go up earlier; HOME Leo Varadkar does some data analysis on his working time. Nama bizarroworld continues to expand as Sunday Business Post reveals AIB pension fund controls Nama SPV. Cian Ginty; another hack to recognise and put the potential of EIR requests. Ken Foxe on the €21,500 hotel bill… Read More »

Digest – September 19 2010

Here ye, hear ye… yadda yadda yadda… HOME Sara Burke on HSE spending on agency nurses and recruitment moratoriums… The C&AG cites the HSE’s own internal audit which shows that agency staff exceed the cost of employing nursing staff by 36.5% and he clearly implies that this is not the most efficient use of tight resources.… Read More »

Digest – September 13 2010

Wore a long coat for the first time this week. Winter is here, guys, are we all contented? HOME Stephen Kinsella reminds us that the ‘nobody saw it coming’ meme is utterly wrong. Brendan Keenan doesn’t come out of this one too well; “we know what the Irish banks bad loans are, they’re going to… Read More »

Digest – August 6 2010

Late but like, wahevz. As my 16 year old cousin may say. HOME Markham Nolan is blogging his way through east Africa while on a Simon Cumbers Fund media funded. Would make a lovely short-term column, I say. Monopoly houses set to float down the Liffey, Dublin Observer reports. Ciaran Cuffe advocates property tax in… Read More »

Digest – August 29 2010

Right, it’s back properly now. Honest. HOME P O’Neill with another thing the press misssed or miss-interpreted. In short, the Irish example of debt reduction as cited by M. Trichet is dodgy.  Yes there was debt reduction, but it wasn’t done by spending cuts, it wasn’t sustainable, and its achievement was symptomatic of deeper structural… Read More »

Digest – August 15 2010

It’s back. The Digest is all up in this here! Rejoice dear reader! Rejoice! Or don’t. HOME Gerard O’Neill, ‘fear itself’. Here in Ireland we appear to be suffering from an unholy combination of inaction and over-reaction – giving rise to the mood of negativity that Coleman and others have recognised. NAMA is the over-reaction:… Read More »