Graphing tax outturn since 1984

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NAMA enforcement properties – mapped

thanks NWL) showing the addresses of properties subject to enforcement action. Unfortunately as is often the case with public authorities they released the data in PDF table format, rather than as a spreadsheet. Asking for a KML file probably would have been expecting too much. With that in mind I converted the PDF back to a spreadsheet, combined the address columns into one column, and then geocoded using the excellent Google Fusion Tables. The result is NOT 100% accurate, I still have to clean up some rows, but generally the information is geographically correct. Here is the result. Click on a red dot to get the associated information. Continue reading “NAMA enforcement properties – mapped”

Expenses visualisation and spreadsheets

CORRECTION: One of the headings was incorrect. It is travel and subsistence not mobile phones that the most money was spent on. Somehow the headings got shifted across in the totals column. Apologies. I’ve been messing with Gav’s spreadsheets. Here’s two one quick visualisationish (try saying that one out loud, radio students) thingy. This is TDs only, expenses claimed between 2005 and 2008. Per category. The Dáil posse spend a lot on phones, it appears. Wonder if they’ve started billing State for the bills on those unofficial Blackberrys certain TDs have started using. Texts sent or data downloaded from those would not be FOIable, remember. Nice way of circumventing FOI law, that. Next time you see a Government minister with a second phone, you’ll know the score. Oh, I’ve got an average figure a TD spent in each category per year. So you can how sort the data per heading and if your TD is above the bolded figure (the average amount spent per year per TD in that category) in any of the few years… well, it may interest you. Please download or copy the file before sorting the data for your own purposes. Each time you sort it, it gets resorted for everyone. Note: I used the figure of 200 as the number of people who sat in the Dáil on average per year. The election meant one year there were 220 claimants, all the other years there were around 166. 200 is probably too high an average figure but I was feeling generous. Sheet 2 at this link. Move sheets by clicking the names across the bottom of the file. Download by clicking File > Download. If you use Gmail, click File > Copy. Have a good long weekend.]]>

Namaland – A walkabout

Most of the images are pinned on the Google Map below. Will Panoramio them soon so they’ll be available on Google Earth. Also on Gav’s Flickr account.
View Dublin docklands/quays developments and empty properties in a larger map Music is Dietro Casa by Ludivico Einaudi. And yes, you did see that correctly, the Financial Regulator does have an office right beside Irish Nationwide in a building owned by Treasury Holdings, which will be going into NAMA. Oh, what a web.]]>

Export subsidy data

Irish milk export subsidy data from 2001 to 2009. I’ve created a pivot chart of the data here: Most of the milk export subsidy claims related to Morocco, at 11% or €51m. Georgia (Republic of) has been changed to its capital, Tbilisi. This will make it easier to map later, as Google thinks Georgia is the US state. ]]>

Anglo losses

done last year of $1 trillion, I spent a little time playing with Google Sketchup to try and understand just how much money Anglo (ie the public) is expected to lose in its latest fiscal year. So I started with the average male as used in Sketchup (let’s call him Seanie) and drew him next to €1 million in €100 bills, to scale: Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 10.29.52 Next here’s Seanie next to €10 million: Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 10.33.34 And now Seanie next to €100 million, on a standard euro sized pallet: Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 10.35.06 And oh yes, Seanie next to €1 billion, in cool hard cash: Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 10.36.52 And finally, Seanie next to the lower end projected losses for Anglo: €11 billion: Screen shot 2010-03-19 at 10.39.45 Nice. ]]>