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NAMA enforcement properties – mapped

During the week NAMA released this document (thanks NWL) showing the addresses of properties subject to enforcement action. Unfortunately as is often the case with public authorities they released the data in PDF table format, rather than as a spreadsheet. Asking for a KML file probably would have been expecting too much. With that in… Read More »

Some economic stats

There has been lots of talk this week about turning corners. Here are some stats, without comment, from the CSO. Source spreadsheet Source spreadsheet Next: Seasonally Adjusted Annual Average Standardised Unemployment Rates (SUR) (%) by Year And to be more accurate: Seasonally Adjusted Standardised Unemployment Rate (%) by Month

Namaland – A walkabout

Strolled about Dublin’s docklands area and took a few shots, see video below. Archive audio from media appearances between 2005 and 2008. Mostly Bertie Ahern, Sean Fitzpatrick, Michael Fingleton and Sean Fleming TD. Most of the images are pinned on the Google Map below. Will Panoramio them soon so they’ll be available on Google Earth.… Read More »

Export subsidy data

I’ve been messing around with the €457m Irish milk export subsidy data from 2001 to 2009. I’ve created a pivot chart of the data here: Most of the milk export subsidy claims related to Morocco, at 11% or €51m. Georgia (Republic of) has been changed to its capital, Tbilisi. This will make it easier to… Read More »

Anglo losses

Inspired by a visualisation done last year of $1 trillion, I spent a little time playing with Google Sketchup to try and understand just how much money Anglo (ie the public) is expected to lose in its latest fiscal year. So I started with the average male as used in Sketchup (let’s call him Seanie)… Read More »

Analysis and visualisation of tax default list 2009

The final quarter of the list of tax defaulters fined or penalised by Revenue during 2009 was published last week. As usual details for name, address and penalties incurred for each defaulter, along with some information on the individual’s occupation, were included. I’ve used that to extrapolate further information and form statistics which can be… Read More »