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Representations received by Finance

This is a log of representations received by the Department/Minister for Finance from January to May 2016. Representation, or correspondence logs, are interesting to see how a Minister or Department is interacting with lobby groups, politicians, or members of the public. Most of the redactions are for mobile telephone numbers (ie personal information).

Garda Siochana 2015/2016 FOI log

An Garda Siochana became partially subject to the FOI act in 2015. This is a log of what people have been asking for from the police force since then. Download here.

Department of Finance FOI log Jan to Apr 2012

Part of an ongoing process. I understand that the Department plans to start publishing logs, so hopefully I won’t have to keep asking for these. This is the FOI log for the Department of Finance for January to April 2012. Finance Foi 1 (PDF) Finance Foi 1 (Text)

Department of Environment FOI logs 2005 to 2012

The Department of the Environment is one of the few to pro-actively publish their FOI logs, and I am in the habit of collating them into one spreadsheet for ease of reference. People new to FOI often ask what they should ask for, logs are often a great way of discovering the types of things… Read More »