Representations received by Finance

This is a log of representations received by the Department/Minister for Finance from January to May 2016. Representation, or correspondence logs, are interesting to see how a Minister or Department is interacting with lobby groups, politicians, or members of the public. Most of the redactions are for mobile telephone numbers (ie personal information).

Department of Finance FOI log Jan to Apr 2012

Part of an ongoing process. I understand that the Department plans to start publishing logs, so hopefully I won’t have to keep asking for these. This is the FOI log for the Department of Finance for January to April 2012.

Department of Environment FOI logs 2005 to 2012

The Department of the Environment is one of the few to pro-actively publish their FOI logs, and I am in the habit of collating them into one spreadsheet for ease of reference. People new to FOI often ask what they should ask for, logs are often a great way of discovering the types of things people ask for. Here is the FOI log of the Department from late 2004 to mid 2012:

Download as spreadsheet (File -> Download as)