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Trichet letter leaked

Good morning. The letter this blog has been pursuing access to since 2011 has finally been published. We pursued the letter because we believe the Irish public, and indeed the European public, have a fundamental right to access information, and be informed about decisions being made on their behalf. We believe access to information to… Read More »

1989 US Dublin Embassy cables

On Saturday and today the Irish Times published a series of stories, by me, Stephen Collins, Miriam Lord, Dan Keenan and Steven Carroll based on cables this blog obtained under US FOIA legislation. Below are the documents on which the story was based – 1989 State Department documents related to Charles Haughey most of which… Read More »

ECB releases November 2 letter

The ECB has emailed to say that they are releasing a November 2 2010 letter sent to Irish finance minister Brian Lenihan by then ECB president Jean Claude Trichet: It has come to our attention that an additional letter was sent to the Irish Finance Minister at the time, which conveyed the ECB’s opinion on… Read More »

Bailout FOIs – HM Treasury

Last month I sent an FOI request to Her Majesty’s Treasury seeking details of communications between them and the Irish Department of Finance during a precise date range surrounding the financial crisis. As I expected, the request has been refused on several grounds. I plan on appealing, mainly because I believe some of the communications… Read More »