CIE fuel consumption breakdown

By | 7th August 2010

I’ve inserted some of the data I received from CIE into a spreadsheet. This has thrown up a problem. The totals given by CIE don’t appear to add up to the actual total.


The difference is over 20 million litres of diesel. I will be contacting CIE to see if they wish to correct their totals.

3 thoughts on “CIE fuel consumption breakdown

  1. scott

    Whats 20 million litres to a company who is funded by the tax payer and accountable to nobody…
    Ask shane ross what he reckons of that fiasco.

  2. PM

    Where are you getting your 20 million from? It’s 2 million as far as I can see.

  3. Gavin Sheridan

    I get 546,257,128 as the total.

    The total of the totals as given is 525,483,510.

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