Monthly Archives: February 2012

Ruairi Quinn and his mileage claim

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has been asked this week to explain a mileage claim he made in July of last year. For the month in question, Mr Quinn claimed for 5,100 kilometres (worth €1,451). Searching his official diary for the month however, shows that Mr Quinn had only a single engagement outside of Dublin, when… Read More »

Garda expense claims 2004 – mid 2010

As I referred to last week I am publishing all Garda expense claims in all categories. Google spreadsheets can’t handle a 641,576 row database so I am using Socrata – the data is downloadable from there in a variety of formats. The data contains anonymized individual expense claims for all Gardai over a 6.5 year… Read More »

Gardai expenses – a breakdown

The Gardai are getting some press today for the amount spent – €14.5 million – on resources for the Corrib gas site. It is interesting to contextualise this figure. In total, Gardai travel and subsistence claims totaled €181,605,359.30 from 2004 to mid 2010. I will publish the entire 641,576 row database shortly. It does not… Read More »

Taoiseach data

To new visitors coming from the Irish Times, you can view the 2010 Taoiseach expenditure data here. There is an option to download the information on the right and there is a zoom function on the top.