Monthly Archives: June 2012

Some IFSC companies

Just in passing, here is a list of over 3,000 companies registered in Ireland with either “IFSC” or “International Financial Services Centre” in their address. It would not be a complete picture but it gives some insight into the variety of companies registered there. Thanks to for the data. Download

Political pensions: The costs

Political pensions and lump sums for former TDs, Ministers and Senators have cost nearly €2 million every single month over the past year and a half. An estimated €32.7 million has been spent by the Oireachtas and Department of Finance since January 2011 on pensions for former politicians. The cost includes more than €9.5 million paid in lump… Read More »

On reform

Back in March 2011, just as the new government came in, I blogged about the programme for government. …I trust not the words of politicians, but their actions. I will be closely watching how things are done, and indeed if necessary lobbying for greater transparency or changes to proposed legislation where I think such changes… Read More »