Monthly Archives: July 2012

Government reneges on FOI promises

Freedom of information is central to our modern concept of a functioning democracy. Charging a fee for freedom of information flies in the face of that concept and is outrageous. So said current Social Protection Minister Joan Burton back in 2003. I couldn’t agree more. But now the government of which she is a part… Read More »

NAMA case first day

The Irish Times reports today on the stuff that happened in the High Court yesterday (though references to Freedom of Information are confusing, the case is not concerned with the FOI Act, but is about access to information generally). The case will get underway again this morning but I wanted to make a couple of… Read More »

NAMA and AIE (update)

As no judges were available on May 17 or 18 last, the case of NAMA vs The Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information was put back to July 24 (tomorrow). Hopefully it will finally be heard. It’s only 2 years and five months since I put in my requests for information. The Commissioner found… Read More »

Oireachtas contract with Pi Communications

In 2011 Northern Ireland firm Pi Communications replaced Windmill as the company in charge of the management, operation and maintenance of the television facilities and digital recording systems in the Houses of the Oireachtas. has obtained a copy of the contract: Oir Contract (PDF) Oir Contract (Text)