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ECB releases November 2 letter

The ECB has emailed to say that they are releasing a November 2 2010 letter sent to Irish finance minister Brian Lenihan by then ECB president Jean Claude Trichet: It has come to our attention that an additional letter was sent to the Irish Finance Minister at the time, which conveyed the ECB’s opinion on… Read More »

HSE Midlands assets registries 2007 to 2010

Part of an ongoing process. These are the assets registries for HSE Midlands for the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. They cover buildings, vehicles, lands, computers and general equipment owned by the HSE. Assets Registry 2007 Assets Registry 2008 Assets Registry 2009 Assets Registry 2010

Those ECB letters

It’s been an interesting week. There have been several articles about those ECB letters, and this blog has received a fair bit of traffic from various sources. So it’s worth going back over what has happened. To start chronologically, it’s worth mentioning that Ireland has not been the only country getting letters of this nature… Read More »