Luxury rugs, cars and a juicer rental: How the DFA spent taxpayer’s money in 2017

TWO rugs together costing over €6,200, a €5,000 contribution towards sculpting a bust of a former diplomat, renting a juicer for Prince Charles, and €32,500 for a luxury car were just some of the ways the Department of Foreign Affairs spent taxpayer’s money last year.

The expenditure is part of more than €56 million paid out by the Department last year, a detailed breakdown of which has been made available under FOI.

As well as almost €10 million in rent for official residences and diplomatic buildings, details of some of the more unusual expenditure incurred have also been revealed.

<strong>Catering Charges for Prince Charles & Canadian PM</strong>

For the visit of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall last year, a catering bill of €5,918 was run up.

That included just over €160 for some special request items from the royal “visiting chef” including the hire of a juicer for €55.

Another €109 was paid out at their request with a very specific shopping list sought: organic salmon, hake, 1.5 litres of cream, pasta, courgettes, herbs, a tub of sorbet and full fat milk.

For the official trip to Ireland by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – best remembered for Leo Varadkar’s colourful socks – a banqueting bill of just over €6,000 was incurred.

That included three days of official breakfasts, buffets, and snacks at the state guesthouse Farmleigh.

Among the charges were refilling of pantries, a €6.30-per-head turndown service, and private suite breakfasts costing €27.25 each.

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