A datadump of 400+ pages of NPHET Committee minutes and records

The volunteer group Bravo Charlie Tango (BCT) has obtained these records from the Department of Health.

They include records relating to all NPHET Committees, except the new Vaccine Strategy Group.

The full list includes the:

– Acute Hospital Preparedness Subgroup of NPHET

– Behavioural Change Subgroup of NPHET

– Guidance and Evidence Synthesis Subgroup of NPHET

– Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group (IEMAG) – Subgroup of NPHET

– Health Legislation Subgroup of NPHET

– Medicines and Medical Devices Criticality Assessment Subgroups of NPHET

– Pandemic Ethics Advisory Group – Subgroup of NPHET

– Vulnerable People Subgroup of NPHET

– Health Sector Workforce Subgroup of NPHET

– NPHET Subgroup Diagnostic Testing Approaches Subgroup

Bravo Charlie Tango (BCT) is a group of over 1,000 volunteer Irish motorcyclists that deliver emergency medical supplies to healthcare facilities around Ireland to assist frontline medics in fighting COVID-19.

BCT works alongside OSVX, a volunteer community for Covid-19 solutions. You can find out more about their work at the following link.