Internal audits from Cavan County Council, the first of 31 sets of such records Right to Know plans to publish in the months ahead

Over the coming months, Right to Know plans to publish internal audits from local authorities right across the country.

We are starting for alphabetical reasons with Cavan County Council (the Carlow records are infuriatingly currently the subject of a totally unnecessary internal review).

These are the types of projects we would like to do a lot more of over the coming years.

We can’t however do them without resources, so if you are in position to support us, please consider signing up to our Patreon.

If you are a local reporter and wish to use these records – feel free to do so. The only thing we would ask is that you consider mentioning Right to Know in any reports that you do, and let us know.

The request we made was for all internal audits from 2019 and 2020.

In some cases, local authorities said they would have to charge fees to provide all the records so where that arose, we asked for a list of the internal audits instead.

From that list, we selected the ones we (very unscientifically) thought sounded most interesting.