Management at Dublin Airport asked IDA to make submission on new runway restrictions

Management at Dublin Airport made a plea to the IDA to make a planning submission on runway restrictions saying the support of the investment agency would be “absolutely crucial” to their cause.

DAA chief executive Dalton Philips wrote personally to IDA boss Martin Shanahan seeking his backing to ease operating restrictions on the airport’s new €320 million runway, which is due to open later this year.

Mr Philips said he hoped the IDA would make their own submission and included a list of recommended bullet points “to articulate” in it.

In a letter to Mr Shanahan, he wrote: “The support of the IDA during this process is absolutely crucial to the success of this application.

“We believe what we are proposing is fair, sensible and balanced for all stakeholders and will safeguard Ireland’s connectivity to global markets. We therefore would appreciate your written support during this process by means of a submission to the planning authority.”

The IDA were among more than at least 250 parties who made observations on the runway planning, including major airlines, political representatives, and local residents.

Planning conditions had specified the new runway could not be used between 11pm and 7am and that night-time operations be limited to at most 65 flights.

DAA, in their letter to the IDA, said these restrictions would have a “profound impact” on operations and undermine the vital role the runway could “play in Ireland’s recovery and future economic prospects”.