Closure of crosswind runway at Dublin Airport could cost €48 million annually

Closing down a runway at Dublin’s Airport which is used to deal with problem wind conditions could cost airlines and passenger up to €48 million per year, according to an official report.

The Commission for Aviation Regulation were asked by the Department of Transport to look at the impact of closing the airport’s “crosswind runway” and whether climate change would have an impact on its use.

The report also examined how other major international airports managed without such a runway and if there were particular weather conditions in Dublin that made it essential.

It found that closure could lead to 1,468 and 2,251 flights not being able to operate annually, which made up around 0.5% to 0.8% of flights in a sample schedule used.

The report said taking into account flight diversions for airlines and the direct cost to passengers in lost time, the annual costs would be between €29 and €48 million.

This report was released on foot of a decision by the Information Commissioner. Just as an FYI, this case was not taken by Right to Know.