A catalogue of breaches of public health guidelines by TDs, Senators, political staff, and others in the Oireachtas

A TD told a member of the Oireachtas Covid-19 compliance team that he would “sooner go to jail” than wear a mask in Leinster House.

Concerns were also raised about a lack of social distancing among ministerial drivers, who would then drive cars on lengthy journeys with Cabinet members.

The details are contained in a new tranche of documents released by the Oireachtas detailing reported breaches of public health guidelines as well as aggression and bullying towards compliance staff in Leinster House and the Convention Centre.

Other concerns flagged include:

  • a TD who claimed to have secretly photographed members of staff to gather “evidence” they were not wearing masks.
  • another TD who was aggressive and told a compliance team member to leave a party room.
  • a member of political staff who “laughed” when asked to wear a mask.
  • difficulties with gardaí on duty at Leinster House and the Convention Centre.
  • how a member of the compliance team felt they had to “psych” themselves up to face each working day.

These records – and a previous set relating to similar breaches – are under appeal where we are seeking identification of the politicians involved.

We will keep you posted on those cases.