Fáilte Ireland’s weather sponsorship a chance to tackle Ireland’s often inclement conditions “head-on” according to business case

Fáilte Ireland signed up to a multi-million RTÉ Weather sponsorship believing it was a “strong fit” despite inclement weather often proving a “barrier” to holidaying in Ireland.

According to an internal briefing, the deal was an opportunity to meet the challenges of the country’s notoriously changeable weather “head-on” and inspire Irish people to get away at home.

Fáilte Ireland had said one of their biggest challenges was convincing people to take short breaks within Ireland and that the weather sponsorship would keep this message “always on”.

An internal business case said: “We know our greatest barrier to driving penetration is that people don’t think of taking short breaks. It is not top of mind as something they could spend their free time doing.”

The tourism agency signed up to a three-year sponsorship deal with RTÉ late last year replacing long-time sponsors Avonmore.