Forged signatures, hearing delays, cold courtrooms, and lack of social distancing among complaints to Courts Service last year

An allegation of a forged signature, a lack of social distancing in court, and frosty conditions inside a courthouse were among the complaints made to the Courts Service last year.

The Courts Service said they had received a total of 131 formal complaints in 2021, of which more than twenty related directly to the performance of judges.

In September, a person alleged that there was a signature forged on court documents while in another case in November, a person who made a complaint said a copy of it had been shown to the solicitor they had raised concerns about.

A complaint about the lack of heating in Galway courthouse was made in December while the absence of social distancing in place at Cork Circuit Court was also flagged in May.

In other incidents logged, a person complained about the “conduct of [a] staff member at [a] meeting” in a Courts Service building in Dublin.

There were 22 cases of complaints against the judiciary with judges of the District Court, Circuit Court, and the High Court all the subject of complaints.