Stripe founder John Collison’s €6 million restoration plan for derelict Millbrook House he bought from county council for €400,000

Stripe founder John Collison intends to spend €6 million renovating a derelict property he bought from a local authority for just €400,000.

The technology billionaire said he would make the 9,000 square foot Millbrook House in Laois a “spectacular home” to be used for close family and friends visiting from across Ireland and the world.

Mr Collison – through one of his companies – was the successful bidder for the historic home after Laois County Council put the derelict Millbrook House up for sale last summer.

In a personal letter accompanying his bid, John Collison wrote: “We are already investing at the Abbeyleix Estate with a mindset of being stewards of this property for the coming generations.

“The Abbeyleix Estate is a keystone piece of Laois history and deserves careful guardianship. We would be delighted to extend this approach to Millbrook House and we hope our offer is of interest.”

Laois County Council had originally refused to provide access to the winning bid following a request under FOI.

However, following an appeal to the Information Commissioner – as part of which the Collisons were consulted – the council agreed to release most of the record with only a small amount of personal information withheld.

Apologies for the poor quality of the scan but that is the way it was released to us.