More than thirty gardaí suspended so far this year amid allegations including domestic violence, sexual misconduct, and the disclosure of sensitive information

Thirty-three members of the gardaí have been suspended this year for reasons including domestic violence, sexual misconduct, and disclosing information.

A total of fifty-five officers were also found in breach of garda discipline and were handed out €9,570 in fines, according to information released under FOI.

An Garda Síochána said six officers had been suspended due to allegations related to domestic violence while six more were suspended for “sexual misconduct”.

There were four suspensions for assault, another for what was described as “improper association”, and three for driving under the influence.

Gardaí said two officers had been suspended for theft, two more for fraud or extortion, and one for “inappropriate conduct”.

The force also revealed that one officer had been suspended for disclosing information and two others for discreditable conduct.

There was one suspension for inappropriate use of garda IT systems, and two for the falsification of statements during investigations.

Another officer was temporarily taken off the force for a drugs incident while one garda was suspended for road traffic offences.