Garda allowances bill for last year exceeded €205 million

Gardaí were paid more than €205 million in allowances last year, including boot allowances, Gaeltacht allowances, and payments for serving in the ministerial pool of drivers.

Almost a third of the money – or €73.2 million – was paid out in a Sunday allowance to more than 13,500 members, for an average of around €5,400 per person.

Another €43 million was paid out in rostered night duty to more than 13,000 members, with the average payment working out at just over €3,200 for each member.

There was also a payment of around €18.9 million in public holiday allowances, shared between over 13,360 individual gardaí.

Annual premium payments worth €12.47 million were paid as well to 13,804 different people according to figures released under FOI.

Boot allowances totalling €2.1 million were paid to more than 14,000 individual gardaí, each worth about €150 per person.

There were also a variety of uniform allowances paid, which together came to a cost of around €2.9 million, the garda figures showed.

Other more specific payments were made to gardaí in particular jobs with €3.57 million paid in a “detective allowance” to 4,879 different gardaí.

There was an “availability allowance” paid to 318 members, which came to a combined €2.18 million, or around €6,900 per person.

Instructor allowances totalling €2.16 million were paid out to 408 gardaí, while 3,440 members shared €1.875 million in a “plain clothes allowance”.

Payments totalling €960,000 were paid to 82 gardaí for working in the minister’s pool, providing driving and security services to officeholders.

Gaeltacht allowances cost €789,859 and were paid to 194 members serving in Irish-speaking regions, or an average of €4,071 per person.

Other payments made last year included €712,661 in transport allowances, €615,119 in overseas allowances, and €487,821 in a “scene of crimes allowance”.