Revenue was paid €783 million through unpublished tax settlements in 2022

A total of €783 million was paid last year in unpublished tax settlements involving close to 55,000 separate companies and members of the public.

Altogether, €665 million was paid out by companies in 35,684 separate settlements, an average of around €19,000 each.

A further €103 million had to be given to Revenue by individual taxpayers and members of the public, according to records released under FOI.

Those deals averaged around €6,000 each and made up 31% of the total number of cases involving unpublished tax settlements in 2022.

Another €6.1 million was paid out by partnerships in just over 1,200 separate cases, roughly €5,000 for each settlement.

There was also €1.09 million worth of settlements involving trusts estates, dealing with 195 cases each case worth around €5,600.

Another €7.5 million was paid by unincorporated bodies in 771 separate settlements, with an average value of just over €10,500.