Fire safety report at Rotunda Hospital finds unmaintained escape lighting system with failing and faulty emergency signage

A fire inspection at one of the country’s busiest maternity hospitals said the emergency escape light system was not being routinely maintained, that most of its fittings were falling or faulty, and that some exit signage for use in the event of a blaze was not operating at all.

The report on the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin said it was clear the system would not provide the minimum light levels or escape signage that would be needed to provide safe escape in the event of an emergency.

It said it would not be financially viable to repair, update, or extend the current system and recommended the installation of a completely new system of emergency lighting.

A board meeting last year heard that the total cost of a project to fix all fire safety issues at the hospital could be in the order of €2.4 million and would take between two and three years to implement.

The investment was approved following a report carried out by expert consultants Titan Fire at the hospital in late 2021; the Rotunda had originally refused to release a copy under FOI laws but were directed to do so by the Information Commissioner (OIC).

You can read the decision from the OIC in this case here.