IDA spends €425,000 on rebrand but refuses to release breakdown of costs and almost all records relating to why the changes were made

The IDA spent more than €425,000 on a rebrand project they hope will represent a “contemporary Ireland” for the digital age.

The outlay included “discovery research”, the design process, “signage, wayfinding, and sample application” as well as stationary, a website revamp, and marketing material.

However, the notoriously secretive development agency would provide no breakdown of the €428,301 they paid and also redacted almost all of a presentation that described the thinking behind the rebrand including the choice of their new logo and even “colour considerations”.

A heavily redacted copy of the slideshow said they wanted to develop a new identity showing them as the “best and most successful investment promotion and development agency” in the world.

The vision for the project was their “ambition, north star, rallying cry, and an emotive movement forward” according to records they released.

It said they were looking for something “honest [and] direct” that explains exactly what the IDA does as it tries to win and develop foreign direct investment.

The presentation said: “What is our reason for being? It’s our noble purpose. Our brand purpose can make us irresistible to those we hope to serve.”

The new logo includes a “trinity of dots” which is designed with a nod to Ireland’s iconic shamrock.

The development agency said the vibrant green colour and the “bespoke typeface” are designed to “exude confidence with a nod to Irish personality”.

The IDA has reaffirmed the decision at internal review so it will now be appealed to the Information Commissioner.