Rise in support for investment in Defence Forces but concerns over bullying and sexual harassment controversies remain

There has been a significant rise in public support for investing in Ireland’s military, according to a survey carried out by the Defence Forces.

Asked whether expenditure on defence of the country was important to Ireland, 78% agreed it was compared to a figure of 66% just three years earlier.

The Defence Forces (DF) survey was carried out last August against the backdrop of global instability caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine but before the outbreak of war in Israel and Palestine.

It also found that 74 percent of people supported additional resources for the Irish military with 29 percent strongly agreeing the DF needed to be given greater funding to fulfil their role.

Among the reasons given for increased investment were 21 percent who said to keep the country safe and defend Ireland, 20 percent who said troops were currently under-resourced, and 14 percent who said we needed a “better [and] bigger army”.