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It's Not the Money, It's the Principle

We’d like to welcome Rodney Breen with a guest post for In all the kerfuffle about the watering down of FOI, not many people have asked the simple but obvious question: why? Actually, I think we all suspect we know why: the government doesn’t want people asking so many questions. But could there be… Read More »

777 days and waiting … OFMDFM in no hurry to answer FOIs

Northern Ireland’s Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) record on Freedom of Information turns out to be a lot worse than the public have been aware of – with one request still unanswered after 777 days. The Department hit the headlines last July when a requester was made wait 320 days… Read More »

Decisions, Decisions would like to welcome a guest post from Rodney Breen of ==== There’s theory, and then there’s reality. In 2004, I was working for a British university, preparing the staff for the Freedom of Information Act due to come into effect on the following 1st January. One question people regularly asked was this:… Read More »