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Digest – July 25 2010

I’m still trying to catch up with this Wikileaks thing. No time to write anything smart or amusing here. HOME Only caught this now, via Anthony; ‘Developers bribed planners with discounts on apartments‘. Jim Stewert on Progressive Economy; ‘The privatisation board, what will it do?‘ Gerard O’Neill; gainfully employed. I never thought I would say it,… Read More »

Digest – 18 July 2010

Oh, indeed. HOME Alexia Golez on innovation, or lack thereof, in Ireland. Slugger on the coping stone incident in which a police officer was injured during the Ardoyne riots. Related; JC Skinner on why ‘Orangefest’ is wrong. BBC Northern Ireland political editor, Mark Davenport, ‘groundhog day revisited’. Short recommended read of the week; Colm McCarthy… Read More »

Digest – July 12 2010

Words go here. HOME Anthony’s attic archives; nothing changed, nothing gained. Abigail Reiley on life covering gory, and not so gory, crimes and trials. P O’Neill is so feckin’ sharp. Read that this week. On Brian Cowen, quotes from Seamus Heaney and public service performance. [Go read the post for context, t’is only a short one]… Read More »

Digest – July 4 2010

Usual Sunday round-up. Love it or leave it, love. Home is weak again,  I must be tuned out? Let me know. HOME Irish man in London has free burritos for a year. Decides to bring a random woman out for a free burrito each week then blog about it. Makes for a great blog. Gerry… Read More »

Digest – June 27 2010

Not much home stuff this week… entering silly-season early it seems. Or I missed something. HOME Sara Burke on the missing millions the HSE are pinning on Siptu. Blog of Dominican Nuns in Ireland that I didn’t know existed. Important ‘first’ pointed out by the Tombuktu on the CLR. Karl Whelan, banking guarantee may have costly… Read More »

Digest – June 20 2010

Who knows how it goes? HOME New online-only news site, Dublin Observer. Early days but good to see. McWilliams in the Sunday Business Post… This fundamental economic truth seems to evade our politicians. They don’t seem to realise that the more blank cheques they write to shore up the European banking system, the more they… Read More »

Digest – June 13 2010

<bloggery overshare>My dinner was lovely, fish and chips on The MV Cill Arne.</bloggery overshare> HOME Constantin Grudgiev maps Dublin’s importance to the Irish economy. Anthony Sheridan; expenses scandal confirms political system is still rotten to the core. Lot of quotes there I hadn’t read before… P O’Neill with questions arising from the Honohan report. Two… Read More »

Digest – June 6 2010

Digest coming to you earlier than usual this week as I am less hungover than most Sundays. HOME Gerard O’Neill; looting for democracy. One of my favourite writers, Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic, has been blogging about the ‘no dogs, no blacks, no Irish’ stuff this week. He has collected some fascinating imagery. More here… Read More »

Digest – May 30 2010

Another day another digest… HOME Sunday Independent news feature on a teenage girl from Romania who Gardai believe was lured to her death by a ‘southside sex predator‘… Marioara had been in Dublin for just three weeks when she disappeared. She was begging with her little brother on Lombard Street in the south city on a… Read More »

Digest – May 23 2010

Whatevatreva. – HOME Three from the Sunday Times to kick off… because I haven’t got ’round to reading much else yet. Liam Fay on the opinion pages… Cowen seems oblivious to the fact that denying people’s democratic right to parliamentary representation, for nothing but narrow party interest, completely undermines his efforts to pose as a… Read More »