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I just signed a contract to work with RTE for the next number of months. For that reason I’ll be on sabbatical from this website for the next while. I have previously worked with RTÉ (I was ‘Lucy‘, for example) on a day-pay basis but this contract stipulates that I commit to providing RTÉ with… Read More »

In case you missed it

I have an econo-crush on Simon Johnson, I think. Honestly, I giggle whenever anyone mentions his name. I joke, I joke. Still, this one is well worth a read. I’m not going to bother quoting any specific section, it’s all relevent. A fair few of the comments refer to Ireland. Also, close watchers of The Digest… Read More »

The view from… who knows where

The foreign ‘media’ has gone a bit wild on our story… check out below. I like the use of signage throughout in this one via IELB… Oh, and this one is fun-fun-fun! too…

Oh wise one…

Michael Somers, one of the most powerful civil servants in the State through the boom years; “… I think we need to be careful that we don’t go in for over-regulation, over-control. I think we need to ease up a  bit in terms of political correctness and such likes, I think we’re being unduly politically… Read More »

How far we done fell

It’s 2am. I just checked the news for the first time in 24 hours. Forgive the following poorly-written mind-dump. Comments and abuse though are of course still most welcome. The figure won’t be 6.7%, but it will be too much. 6.7% is a senseless and idiotic figure. You’ve got to think the announced rate will… Read More »

Worth watching

The two videos below have started doing the rounds on Facebuke and The Twitter. So if you haven’t seen them… First up, an RTE report from March 2000 on an ERSI quarterly that was dismissed by Bertie Ahern and Charlie McCreevy. Brian Cowen also features in it; foreign affairs minister at the time, I think?… Read More »

Orthodoxy and heterodoxy

Notable comments in international blogosphere in reaction to four year plan. FYI; Bond spreads still rising. Krugman… What’s going on here? In a nutshell, Ireland has been orthodox and responsible — guaranteeing all debts, engaging in savage austerity to try to pay for the cost of those guarantees, and, of course, staying on the euro.… Read More »

Scannal on Insurance Corporation of Ireland

Scannal (the excellent sub-titled part-As Gaelige documentary show on RTE One) was – in an amazingly perfect event of ironic timing – about the Insurance Corporation of Ireland last night. ICI was a significant subsidiary of AIB which collapsed in 1985. The taxpayer bailed out AIB. It eventually cost us IR£400m, a massive figure at… Read More »

Osborne says…

… he has been in bailout talks with Irish for “several weeks”. Here. Guardian liveblog on our bailout here.

Greens to pull out of Govt

Absurd day. National budget or December election on the horizon it appears after John Gormley announced the Greens will be pulling out of Government, but err… not until after voting for the budget; which essentially makes their support for the budget pretty irrelevant. Gormley says the decision was based on there being a real problem… Read More »