GSOC report on Clare Daly TD

GSOC investigated:

In January 2013, Deputy Clare Daly, TD for the Dublin North constituency, made a complaint to GSOC, arising from her arrest on 29 January. Significant aspects of her complaint concerned the alleged unlawful disclosure of information to the media, both about the fact of her arrest and about whom she requested to be called at the time.

GSOC concluded:

…while it is not possible to state that this information was released by a particular Garda or any other identifiable person, there does appear to be sufficient evidence to state, on the balance of probabilities, that some of the detail relating to Deputy Daly’s arrest emanated from within the Garda Síochána organisation and were made available to the media in an unauthorised manner.

The Ombudsman Commission is of the view that Deputy Daly was entitled to the presumption of innocence and that she had a right to privacy. These rights appear to have been infringed by the release of such information.

Gene Kerrigan opinion piece.

Here is the report in full:

Denis O’Brien’s £55,339 1999/2000 donations to Fine Gael

From the archives. This is a statutory declaration by businessman Denis O’Brien outlining his donations to Fine Gael in 1999 and 2000. It shows individual donations to Cllr Louise Cosgrove, Richard Bruton and Jimmy Deenihan. There was also a £50,000 donation to Fine Gael via then leader John Bruton.

The total over both years was £4,499 and £50,840 respectively.

Of course we assert no claim of malfeasance on the part of the donor or the recipients.

David Murphy’s second affidavit in O’Brien v RTE

This is the second affidavit of RTE Business Editor David Murphy in the case of Denis O’Brien vs RTE.