Brian Lenihan’s diary

Following an FOI request, the Department of Finance has released Brian Lenihan’s diary appointments, September 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. I have uploaded it. It relates to the period of the bank guarantee, Anglo nationalisation and NAMA planning.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan’s diary appointments, September 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009:

8 thoughts on “Brian Lenihan’s diary”

  1. That’s press appointments, not general appointments. Most of the time the press has no idea where a minister is or is going unless he’s going to launching something or giving a press conference.

  2. which requires press embargo…?

    if ministers is opening a community centre for eg as minister or as td, could that not be noted, it would be known locally anyway.

    if they were going to some international conference etc, im sure you could find that out if you knew where to look, but wouldn’t it be good for public info just to list that on the each dept webpage under ministers diary. without having to sign up to press only mailing list

  3. So, no frantic meetings with the heads of financial institutions in the weeks leading up to The Crisis. Or just prior to The Crisis. Or even during The Crisis.

    Obviously, there can’t have BEEN any crisis. It was all just a nightmare !

    Hooray !


  4. Try doing a word search for “Baldonnel” and it should produce a rough estimate of number of times gov. jet was used.

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