Mary Hanafin's trip to India

In 2006 the Government went on a trade mission to India. Mary Hanafin as Minister for Education went along. I put in the following FOI request:

1) The Minister’s schedule and appointments between January 1, 2006 and March 1, 2006.

2) A breakdown of flight costs, accommodation costs, hospitality costs, and any other costs borne by the Department for a trip taken by the Minister to India in January 2006, and a breakdown of any expenses claimed.

I will upload the schedule later. The total trip cost €26,421.14. Flights cost €20,912.84. Ms Hanafin’s flight alone cost €8,990.28.

For now, here is the spreadsheet of costs (go to the bottom of the sheet and click “costs India trip” :

Hanafin India 2006

I do not believe removing the names of other people who went on the trip is warranted under Section 28 (1) (personal information). I may appeal this element of the request.

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  1. I was in India around the same time and managed to live like a king on $10 per day inc. travel, food & accommodation. I can’t imagine the level of luxury one would get in accommodation at the prices paid here

  2. I cannot view the spreadsheet above in question??? Again, it is a reflection of the prolifigate spending of the current government. Can anyone comment on why a Minister of Education was going to India? What value could this trip add to our education system in Ireland? It may be a little more acceptable if the minister in question was even remotely competent but clueless is a word that springs to mind.

  3. @MNC “Can anyone comment on why a Minister of Education was going to India?”

    Would it be because cows are sacred in some parts on India?

  4. Are you aware of the OIL interests that Mary Hanafin has? Her whole family are involved in the OIL business, maybe this was an educational visit, for her in the OIL business!! Maybe you should dig around the exploration off of Dunmore East, after all they have alocated millions to have a new Marina built there but yet the pilot testing for holes seems to veer off course just a bit, maybe the Marine is for ships!! or Tankers!!!

    People should look a lot closer at the Fás operation in Galway and the other groups under them like the leader organisation, there was a building set up in Oranmore which was supposed to house a welding training facility but yet never opened its doors….there are connections there also.

    Dig deep in the Galway area folks you will find the answers you are looking for thats is for certain.


    Keep up the good work Mark – United we stand Devided we fall coming soon

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