Just a note to say welcome to people visiting after the feature on RTE’s Primetime. We are still in our early days, but we hope you keep coming back. We have lots more to come.

10 thoughts on “Primetime”

  1. Keep up the good work. Activism from the “private sector” is now the only way forward. It is quite evident that the majority of our politicians haven’t studied the history of their craft.

  2. The government’s support of Johnny Cash o Donoghue only goes to show how out of touch they are and this false sense of loyalty should be for the Irish people their long suffering paymasters

  3. Cheers for this guys…. will mail the link to as many people that I can. News that John O Donoghue is intending to stand again for re election in the future is an example of Gombeenism at its worst.
    I have no doubt that the good people of Kerry will return him again as their neighbors did Michael Lowry in Tipperary.

  4. I always remember the day I begged him for help with retired greyhounds. His reply was ‘Retired greyhounds are NOT sport.
    Hope he gets what he deserves

  5. On the subject of Retired Greyhounds (the drugged up type!) Wasn’t he accused of dopping dogs after all! JOD thinks he is GOD maybe we will have a Greyhound Tent like Bertie’s one in Galway….Oh did I just give someone an idea….at least it will keep him ocupied for a while…maybe he could get a Fás grant to set it up!!!

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