Documents relating to The Tank Field, Cork, now online

Elaine Byrne has posted a number of links relating to a decision by Cork City Council to acquire one of the few open spaces remaining in North East Cork City. You can view the information on her blog under a series of posted tagged “The Tank Field”.

Local journalists in Cork, lookin’ at you ‘ere…

The series is written in reply to a letter from the Board of Management of the school sent to the Irish Times following an opinion piece written by Dr Byrne on the matter. Links to correspondence and FOI documents are contained through-out.

There are ten points listed in the letter and Ms Byrne replies to each under a separete heading…

Background to The Tank Field

The Tank Field, the issues

1 Queries relating to relating to perceived imbalance and perceived inaccuracy of [an opinion piece Dr Byren wrote in The Irish Times]. This post contains links to a vast number of related documents obtained via the FOI act.

2 Comments on the conditions of Gaelscoil An Ghóirt Aláinn. More context and links to relevant documents.

3 Mayfield Community School – Detailing questionable decision-making by Cork City Council in relation to the location of schools.

4 Location of The Tank Field – Response to a claim made by the City Council that The Tank Field is not in Mayfield.

5 The Tank Field as the only flat green space in North East Cork City – Rebuttal of more council claims.

6 Consultation with local residents –  “The records show that there was seriously incorrect information used in the planning process. For example, national health and safety guidelines were ignored and wrong maps were provided in the planning application process.”

7 Gaelscoil Úi Drisceoil – Dr Byrne argues that there is already opportunity for local residents to send their children to be educated through Irish in the local area.

8 Issues relating to segregation and socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds

9 The right to multi-denominational education and education through Irish – Questions raised about decision made by the Dept of Education on the location of the school.

10 Local political support for the location of the gaelscoil on The Tank Field site.

It’s encouraging to see print journalists taking to the net, uploading documents and citing sources through links. Mark Tighe of The Sunday Times recently uploaded part of an as-yet-unpublished report commissioned by the UN which is critical of the Irish-Vietnamesse adoption agency, Helping Hands. Ken Foxe of The Sunday Tribune has also put political expenses documents online in recent weeks. Are there others?

If there’s anyone we’ve missed (maybe you?), let us know.