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BOI & AIB: A year? More like a week…

Four days ago on this site I noted Miriam Lord’s article in The Irish Times about representatives of Bank of Ireland and AIB appearing before the Oireachtas Finance Committee. Ms Lord wrote… The Bank of Ireland went so far as to say it wouldn’t have to go back to the Government next year for a further handout. Sheehy… Read More »

More interesting searches

Like Mark explained last week, we are closely watching the search strings and IP addresses of visitors. Today another one popped up. On Friday I submitted an FOI request to the Comptroller & Auditor General, located at the Treasury Building in Dublin. They would have received my request today. And today this search: Search Engine… Read More »

Bankers appear before finance committee… this time

There’s a most interesting and pertinent piece of political writing in today’s Irish Times by Miriam Lord. She watched high-ranking bankers appear before the Oireachtas Finance Committee. Eighteen months ago… …when the same Oireachtas committee wanted to ask the same banks about the way they conducted their business, fewer chairmen and chief executives deigned to… Read More »

Brian Cowen’s diary

Part 2 of an ongoing process. Today I am posting the Taoiseach’s diary from October 2008 to March 2009. 23128285-Brian-Cowen-S-Diary (PDF) 23128285-Brian-Cowen-S-Diary (Text) Redactions are there because the Department says some relate to personal information, and others relate to party political issues.

The Baker Tilly Report into CIÉ/Iarnród Éireann

The Baker Tilly Report details questionable procurement practices, suspected fraud and collusion between employees and tendering companies within Iaranród Eireann, the sub-section of CIÉ which manages our rail network. It covers the period between January 2004 and January 2008 and runs to more than 350 pages, making it the biggest official report I’ve read in… Read More »

My ears are burning…

I’m expecting a number of FOI requests to come back this week, including one from Fás. Strictly speaking, the Fás one should have been sent from their office today, as it was submitted exactly four weeks ago… so it was interesting to note an upsurge in hits to this site from the Fás server this morning. At… Read More »

Government bodies covered by FOI

I have created a spreadsheet that contains some of the bodies covered by the FOI Act. I have opened up the document for editing to seek your help in adding more data, especially web addresses. Of course we are open to suggestions about adding other data. FOI Bodies