Bertie Ahern, de-yartist

Suzy had the eyes peeled on somewhere none of the rest of us thought of interest. Go read her post.

Bertie Ahern, he’s an artist, didn’t you know.

Updated: Four thoughts –

1) Does this mean The Buke is officially deemed a work of fiction? “Cultural or artistic merit”, hmm… set me straight here, folks.

2) He has a tax clearence certificate now?

3) Shouldn’t it be Richard Aldous, not Bertie Ahern himself, who avails of this tax exemption.

4) I’m keeping this one to myself… I’m sure regular readers will know exactly what I’m thinking.

2 thoughts on “Bertie Ahern, de-yartist”

  1. 1 – It doesn’t have to be fiction but heh

    2 – That’s worth checking out

    3 – Aldous already has it

    4 – Cecilia is married, your chance has gone

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