Two links to make you think

Myself and Gav are both up to our eyeballs at the moment. Here’s two quick items worth reading:

Firstly, Mark Tighe’s post on his blog following his story in the latest edition of the Sunday Times. He writes in more detail about the problems, obfuscations and delays he has incurred in attempting to obtain information on the night of the bank guarantee via FOI.

Our original request for these documents was made on October 3rd, 2008. Within four weeks Finance had replied with a big bundle of paperwork. Unfortunately the documents released were useless. They consisted of speeches made by Brian Lenihan after the guarantee was announced and a series of PQs answered in the Dail. They basically sent us a load of documents that were already in the public domain. A complete waste of paper.

I instantly sent in the €75 appeal cheque and asked the Department to stop taking the michael. We hadn’t asked for public documents created after the guarantee. We wanted the internal notes, memos, emails etc that would shed a little insight in to how the guarantee meetings of September 29/30 came about.

Hit the link above and read the rest.

Secondly, Edward McGarr of McGarr Solicitors seems to have noticed something  interesting relating to the DCC/Fyffes/Jim Flavin decision. The post is too short to pull a quote from, you’ll have to head over there to find out anything more.