Irish Times editorial on political corruption

There is an editorial in today’s Irish Times headed ‘Political corruption’. It comes following the recent report from Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), a body within the Council of Europe. The report once again notes Ireland’s opaque political funding system. GRECO have been saying the same thing for nearly a decade, nothing of significance has been done.

GRECO report into Ireland January 25 2010 – Theme One [PDF] Theme Two (Transparency of Party Funding) [PDF].

The political funding system in Ireland is monitored by the Standards in Public Office Commission.¬†I have previously written about the poor standard of SIPO’s work here [See – “25% isn’t a bad standard, is it SIPO?“] – it’s partially down to a lack of funding from Government for the office, they have less than ten staff, I believe. Oh the irony, the office responsible for ensuring political funding meets a certain standard of transparency is under-funded thus operating below standard…

Elaine Byrne also had a piece part-related to the GRECO report also in the Times this week, you can read that here.

Lastly, in the early days of this blog I wrote an article headed “Want to bypass our donations system? No problem“, it is also on the subject of political donations.

One thought on “Irish Times editorial on political corruption”

  1. hahhaha SIPO :
    Despite not being permitted to enter Ireland while being a nominated candidate: Sipo sent me a letter (to me and to my aunt) telling us that we were liable for thousands of euros in fines if we didn’t furnish the SIPO with declarations on expenses and political donations.
    Fair enough : doing one’s job. However, given that there was no campaign allowed by the Central Party minister (no-party minister Harney) …and having being, therefore, “disabled” — by government proclamation — from being in a position to conduct any manner of elections campaign during the three weeks as a nominee, it was rather strange to receive the threats of impending fines and/or jail directly after the elections were conducted in my absence.
    finally, after the 16-April 2008 petition to the European Parliament was heard in 2009, Dec 01, the EP did write to the minister responsible on 16 Dec 2009.

    They have, as yet, to receive any response.

    Soon it will be Valentines’? Again. Will it not?

    Enjoy the Christmas anyone?

    Maybe this time around, her LadyShip will decree a favourable judicial (and final) fatcision.

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