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Digest – Feb 28 2010

– HOME For serious? What the… Gardaí investigating the source of a leak which culminated in Trevor Sargent’s resignation last week have acquired the phone records of the reporter who broke the story and believe that his source is a serving garda. Holy… All the Gardaí require to obtain the phone records of a journalist… Read More »

Documents sent by Jerry Beades to media

Someone has published the documents Jerry Beades sent to media over the last number of days on Sendspace. The newspapers have been wary of running the full details, I’m told, due to possible legal issues. As far as I know, the docs available at the link are the only online copies… For context, here’s the… Read More »

Cars and people

NOTE 14.11 Feb 26: Spokesman for Batt O’Keeffe has told a national newspaper that the car in the photograph is not his vehicle. Right. Report below remains unedited. I’ve been doing some research on homelessness in Dublin for a piece I’m planning. The last person I met told me he was born in eastern Europe… Read More »

BIM decommissioning grants

Bord Iascaigh Mhara paid out €5.2m in decommissioning grants to fisherman in 2008, while the EU paid out €15.7m. The total numbers of grants paid was €20,999,998.96, to the owners of 44 vessels. The highest paid out was to Keating Fish Ltd, for the Molly B – a total of €1.7m. The next highest was… Read More »

The paycuts that never happened

Ken Foxe has blogged some interesting correspondence concerning the proposed paycuts for senior civil servants. He has also published the original documents. Ken writes: THE Department of Finance climbed down on major pay cuts for 650 senior civil servants and other highly-paid public workers, primarily because they feared a costly legal action. Legal advice had… Read More »

Bye bye, Sargent

So he’s resigned. Sure isn’t it all the rage these days up in Leinster House. He’s gone from department. Rightly. Doing so speedily and with dignity appears to have kept damage to the coalition to a minimum. Thus, unless the Greens gather some more evidence to put foundations beneath their suspicions of the identity of… Read More »

The last few hours?

There is a slight nuance to the Trevor Sargent story on the front of today’s Evening Herald not immediately apparent – to me at least – on first reading. The constituent on whose behalf Sargent wrote to the Garda Siochana, it is claimed, was subject of a malicious prosecution, if the talk on News At… Read More »