Irish Times editorial on Willie O'Dea

By | 16th February 2010

Irish Times lead editorial today is on Willie O’Dea’s… ehem… ‘false statement’ in a sworn affidavit to court.

In other jurisdictions, prominent people have been sent to jail for incorrect statements. Here, Fianna Fáil closed ranks. Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern ignored the substantive issue and described Fine Gael’s behaviour in pursuing the matter as “despicable”. Earlier, leader of the Seanad Donie Cassidy declared that the people of Limerick were fortunate to have such a capable representative. There is no question about Mr O’Dea’s political or ministerial abilities. What is at issue is his behaviour in maligning a political opponent during an election campaign and the legal and political consequences that have flowed from that action. As a solicitor, Mr O’Dea must realise the seriousness of the situation. If he does not, then Mr Cowen, who is also a solicitor, should be able to advise him.

Good piece. The pressure rightly builds. Fair play to the Limerick Chronicle.

Willie is loving the attention. This is him laughing as Fine Gael deputies shout at the Ceann Comhairle demanding a time for his statement on the matter be set…

– Screengrab via Christine Bohan

4 thoughts on “Irish Times editorial on Willie O'Dea

  1. Joe

    I would be stunned if there was any accountability over this. I think JO’D was a one off sacrifical lamb by FF in the hope that accountability was just a fad with the public.

  2. Stephen Dunne

    Enda is putting in a no confidence motion. FF hacks will be lining up to support O’Dea. Nixon’s “when the president does it, it’s not illegal” springs to mind. What a shambles, and to rub salt into the wounds, O’Dea’s smirking mug is infuriating. With Harney siting beside him joining in with the joke. Disgraceful behaviour.

  3. AWAAF

    Despite George Lee’s mistakes do we want Dail Eireann to be a more hospitable place for Willie of George? I think the latter is a more acceptable vista from my point of view

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