On Hanger Six…

…as the O’Leary-bullying-the-State-story seems to have become known, Gerard Cunningham says it best.

…Then imagine that another company comes along, and decides it wants some of the plant the OPW has already leased.

Imagine that this latercomer calls in a few political favours, and the Minister in charge instructs the OPW to break the leasing contracts it has set up, take back the plant and machinery it has already leased, and give it to the latecomer, a competitor of the company which took out the lease in good faith….

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I’m with the Government on this one. Michael O’Leary could with remembering he’s just a taxpayer, not matter how much of it he may pay. Also some seem to be forgetting there are occupied, already operational, currently-people-are-being-paid-to-do-it Aer Lingus roles involved too.

O’Leary is a master communicator (self-promoter and spinner), he does make Coughlan look even more incompetent than she is, but he’s wrong and being facetious in this case.

Now, getting back to Willie O’Dea and that resignation thing. Harry McGee outlines the details in a good post on the Irish Times Politics blog for those looking for a recap.

Green Party, where’s all that rule-of-law and ethics talk from back in the Planet Bertie days gone?… Did I see you lot curling up in a ball again there earlier?