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Anglo Irish authorised signatories

During some deep Google searching I came across this curious document: Certificate Interestingly, the document is dated September 26, 2008, three days before the bank guarantee scheme. The document contains the signatures of Sean FitzPatrick, William McAteer, David Drumm, Natasha Mercer, and for the conspiracy theorists amongst you, a Brian Linehan (spelt that way). More… Read More »

Anglo Irish Bank – subsidiary fun

Browsing through SI 15/2010 a while ago I noticed many more companies within Anglo were falling under the Ethics in Public Office Act than previously. I picked a random company from the list, Gertonabbey Limited, which now falls under that Act. Gertonabbbey is part owned by Anglo Irish Bank. The company secretary for Gertonabbey is… Read More »

Gerard O'Neill on Anglo

Gerard O’Neill, economist and director of Amarach Research, has some interesting observations on Anglo over on his blog, Turbulence Ahead. After quoting a section from their most recent report, he says… So there you have it: the bank that’s going to cost us northwards of another €18 billion to ‘save’, isn’t actually lending, and the… Read More »

The Quinn Group

The biggest question about Anglo, has been, and always has been, the relationship between it and its biggest debtor, Sean Quinn’s group. He was also at one point the bank’s biggest shareholder. We don’t know whether he was (or is) also a bondholder. Last year I took a detailed look at Quinn’s network of companies… Read More »

€27 billion

In case you missed the drip feed over the past year, that’s the total estimated figure so far (including impending recapitalisations) given by you, the citizen, to the banks – AIB, Bank of Ireland, Anglo Irish, INBS and EBS. It could end up being more. Remember that the State is borrowing money, or taking money… Read More »

Comedy commentary from Kelly

Simon Kelly has a few classics in his column on the back page of the Sunday Tribune‘s Business section this week. He writes about the DDDA in broadly positive terms. There are a few laughs in there, including… The local authority planning system causes daily damage to Ireland and this damage is far in excess of… Read More »

Week of the banks

Last week I wrote that the interview with Anglo chief executive Mike Aynsley in the Irish Times to me marked a shift in the PR strategy underlying the bank recapitalisation/nationalisation schemes. David McWilliams yesterday talked about it in similar terms. I warned that the next week would see a miasma of news and spin, and… Read More »

Digest – March 28 2010

I want to draw attention to one particularly important story this week, so there’s a note before the usual home, world, other stuff. – NOTE Wikileaks is one organisation that seems to scare the CIA. The non-profit website, which is run on a shoestring, publishes confidential documents leaked anonymously to them from sources all over… Read More »