Monthly Archives: April 2010

Some more quotes from Our Saviour

Finally got around to grabbing some quotes from the Brian Lenihan interview on Monday’s Breakfast with Newstalk. Some of the nonsense is terrifying. Will be throwing bits of this into the Quotes from Brian Lenihan collection. “The bank [of Ireland] has been put on a sound commercial footing, it’s clearly able to operate on world… Read More »

Dempsey correspondence

I sought from the Department of Transport: 1) Any and all communications between the Department and the Minister (and vice versa) from January 4, 2010 to January 10, 2010, inclusive. This may take the form of emails or notes of phone calls, or any other form of communication. I received a series of emails sent… Read More »

Noel Dempsey and Malta

Readers will recall that back in January, when snow ground the country to a halt, our Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey was on holidays in Malta. Speaking later into the week of his holiday, Mr Dempsey claimed he was in constant communication with the Department. I submitted an FOI request for the following, on January… Read More »

That sign-in thing

So some cheeky journalist has apparently sought details of how often Members of the Oireachtas actually go to work. It is expected to be released around now. One Member of the Seanad was not happy about this at all though. Senator Michael McCarthy (Labour) said [emphasis mine]: There has been a huge chipping away at… Read More »

Export subsidy data

I’ve been messing around with the €457m Irish milk export subsidy data from 2001 to 2009. I’ve created a pivot chart of the data here: Most of the milk export subsidy claims related to Morocco, at 11% or €51m. Georgia (Republic of) has been changed to its capital, Tbilisi. This will make it easier to… Read More »

Just sayin…

Investigations into Goldman Sachs’s abacus deals were in their “early stages” two days before Christmas. Yesterday all relevant individuals were grilled by a Senate sub-committee after the SEC filed a lawsuit against the company. Say, six months? Seven, maybe? Just sayin‘…

Yet more strange bike-scheme related decisions

There has always been something odd about the development of the bike-for-billboards scheme. Contracts were kept secret from councillors; the council refused to release contracts to journalists under FOI; by international standards a disproportionately small number of bikes were introduced for a large number of lucrative billboards; the majority of profit is going to the billboards-and-bikes company, not the council. I could go on. Just weird… Read More »