"The eurozone apparently did not even discuss the situation in Ireland, which seems increasingly troubling"

Early in the week is always crazy busy for me, hence posts of substance tend not to appear under this byline ever between Sunday and Wednesday.

I do get a lot of reading done, and talk to many smart people in that time period however – compared to the rest of the week when I sit at a desk beside some strange dude who keeps rocking in his chair and repeating “t-t-transparency, c-c-c-corruption, t-t-transparency, c-c-corruption…” ad nauseum – usually resulting in short quick posts centred on links to interesting articles elsewhere.

In that vein… Simon Johnson and Peter Boone on the Eurozone. They’re worried that people have stopped talking about Ireland.


It could be that in two years time Europe’s deficits are much lower, the ECB has hardly bought any bonds, and they have successfully managed a Greek debt restructuring while Spain is out of trouble, and Portugal and Ireland are scraping by in limbo but now isolated problems.

Oh dear.