FAS expense claims 2005 to 2009

These datasets are too large for Google Spreadsheets so I am using Socrata. They contain the expense claims of all FAS staff, broken down by name and amount for the years 2005 to 2009. The total amount claimed via expenses was €24.7 million. I am presenting the data ‘as is’, and draw no conclusion on the validity, or otherwise, of any claim – this is a copy of what FAS has, and I believe this type of information should be online as a matter of course.

Please note: you can download the datasets themselves by clicking on ‘menu’ and ‘download dataset’ and choose which format you would like. I recommend CSV or XLS.


FAS expenses 2005

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FAS expenses 2006

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Fas data 2007

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FAS data 2008

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Fas data 2009

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7 thoughts on “FAS expense claims 2005 to 2009”

  1. Strange to see claims for toll bridge fees. Standard civil service policy is that parking and tolls are built into the mileage rate, and cannot be claimed as extras. Seems like FAS had (yet another) special deal.

  2. One set of rules for you and one set of rules for you flogging the the dead horse FÁS. You only publish selected comments, you censored my earlier comment “this is boring”, why don’t you push for freedom of information for all sectors, which would show that most people think, that you are a bore.

  3. Get a life the lot of you! theres bigger fish to fry now at this stage. FAS is not the reason we find ourselves in this current situation.

  4. We really are a nation of moaners. Where has the endless tribunals and arguments got this country?- No where! FAS like many organisations conducted its business in a less than satisfactory/appropriate manner.And Yes no one is denying the huge expenditures incurred…. but it was by a number of organisations, institutions, companies and departments.. but more importantly not by everyone in these establishments. The ‘little people’ on the ground benefited little…… so please ………focus on how we might work together to get this once great little country on track not on further demoralising people who did not contribute to the state of this nation.

    1. Margaret,

      It’s not about demoralising anyone. It’s about beginning a process where all public data is published by default. There is no criticism in the post, it’s just the data. The data is data, it speaks for itself.

  5. Hi

    I’m trying to calculate individual expences for FAS, but there are over 9,000 claims in any current year. Can I have access to this information in any form?

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