Department of Finance expenses 2001 to 2009

As part of a broader set of requests for expenses, and other, databases I sought the expenses database (CoreExpense) of the Department of Finance since its inception. The total amount of claims in that time period (the earliest date being 2001) was €3.48 million in 39,241 rows. Some fields of the database were removed due to Section 28 Personal Information exemptions, which on the face of it appear to be entirely reasonable.

Department of Finance expenses database 2001 to 2009

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I don’t have a staff count number for the DoF but the number of claims appears relatively small. Other costs may have been directly incurred by the Department, rather than claimed by staff.

I’ve also pivoted the totals:

3 thoughts on “Department of Finance expenses 2001 to 2009”

  1. I wonder what Brendan claimed for 38c?

    I’d say an animal bar for 25c and the rest in jellies.

  2. I believe it is common practice in public service to claim full expense amounts despite many expenses being paid directly by the corporate entity e.g. all attendees at a meeting claim a lunch allowance even when the host has paid the restaurant bill.

    It is difficult expose this practice but datasets like this make it possible that one day the truth will be understood.

  3. Trip ID 2577 shows payment for overnight rate, hotel accommodation & other related expenses.

    Typically the public sector pay an overnight rate to reimburse the employee for their accommodation and a separate payment for accommodation cost is not allowed.

    Does anyone know if it is allowed for Dept. of Finance staff to claim both an overnight and accommodation allowance?

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